(First written in 2014, updated)

How time flies! Do you realize we’re less than two months from our next election?! And this one has more at stake than most elections in our history.

What are the stakes? Actually, the soul of our nation is again up for election. If we get this one wrong:
• Our religious freedoms will continue to be trampled.
• The murder of millions more unborn will continue.
• Special rights for an ungodly minority will be imposed more and more, at the expense of all of us.
• Our nation may end up on the wrong side of history by betraying Israel.
• We as a nation will continue to offend God, to our unspeakable loss.

The State of the Union
• Our Congress is paralyzed, able to accomplish little.
• Liberal activist judges are attempting to impose their ungodly philosophies on us by judicial fiat.
• Our Supreme Court teeters on the edge and could topple either way. The President can make judicial appointments that will throw the balance of its power in either direction for a generation, but he or she must have the advice and consent of the Senate to do it.


Our outgoing President has run roughshod over our freedoms with executive orders. He has said, “I don’t need Congress. I have a phone and a pen.” He has told us of new laws that we will have “whether you like it or not.” He has denigrated people who “cling to guns and religion.” He has said, “We must change the way America thinks.”

His day will soon be over, but if we elect a successor who shares his ideology, his tenure might prove to have been a launching pad for even more destructive assaults on our cherished freedoms.

One of our Senators has stated publicly that people who hold deeply held Christian beliefs are not qualified to hold judgeships.

Our Secretary of State has criticized people who think they should live by things written 1,000 or 2,000 years ago. “I don’t think most people want to live like that,” he said.

If the Liberals can take control of our country:

-Certain Christian speech could become criminal. Evangelism could be labeled as “hate speech,” and punished by law.
-Sermons could be censored. 
-Churches could be forced to hire people whose lifestyle is radically against that of the church.
-Even now, Christian businesses are in danger of being put out of business for not paying for their employees’ abortions.
-Prayer and Bible reading are already illegal in schools, and some kids have already been punished for praying over their food.
-“In God We Trust” could be banned as our national motto and “Under God” removed from our Pledge.
-Already many little kids have to endure sex indoctrination including homosexuality with no exemptions for Christian schools, and without parental notification.
-Our monuments could be stripped of their biblical inscriptions and crosses.
-Creches and Christmas decorations would be forbidden.
-School Bible clubs have been denied equal access.
-Chaplains could be removed from Congress and the military. Some Chaplains have been forbidden to pray in Jesus’ name.
-Prison ministries could be shut down.

Most of these things are already being hotly contended and could quickly become law. Is this what we want?

What Can We Do?
Keep Informed.
Get involved.

Pastors, preach it!

Let’s don’t lose this one.


The great nineteenth century evangelist Charles Finney wrote, “Politics is a part of religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God. . . . He will bless or curse this nation according to the course they take [in politics].”


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