Keep Looking Down
One of Jimmy’s most vivid experiences of spiritual warfare took place on the west steps of the U. S. Capitol building. He was conducting our musical, “If My People,” on Flag Day of our 200th year, with a large choir and a crowd of 10,000, there to pray for our nation.

Let him tell it: “At the beginning of the spiritual warfare section, I was caught up in the message of the lyrics:

KEEP LOOKING DOWN, we’re seated in the heavenlies;
God’s mighty power has raised us over all!
Keep looking down, above all principalities,
For we have died and risen with the Lord!
And in His name we have authority
And in His name we shall prevail.
And in His name we dare to face the enemy
And in His name we cannot fail!

Next, lots of spiritual warfare scriptures were read over the pulsating music and then, BANG! straight into the next song:

You’re the chosen ones for whom the Savior came.
You’re His noble new creation by the Spirit and the blood,
You’re the Church that He has built to bear His name!
And the gates of hell shall not prevail against you!
And the hordes of darkness cannot quench your light!
And the hosts of God shall stand and fight beside you
Till your king shall reign triumphant in His might!

“As I conducted, I was feeling the strength and truth of the songs and gazing upward with a tremendous rush of love at the great capitol dome with its flags flying against the sky. That dome is the symbol of the seat of government of the country I love. Then, like a bolt, the awareness hit me: it also represents the seat of the Prince of America, the very front lines of the battle for the soul of my nation. Here he and a hierarchy of evil “persons without bodies” are working tirelessly to control the minds of countless government officials, staff workers, lobbyists, strategists, advisors and other people of influence. There are probably more demons and angels doing their work in that building than anywhere else in the country.

“Suddenly I was directing, praying and warring in the spirit all at the same time. What was happening in my spirit somehow connected with the choir—you could hear it in their voices and see in on their faces—and they rose to magnificent heights. It was a hair-standing-on-end moment of spiritual power, written in my heart forever. When I pray for our government, I often look back on it with awe.”

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Comfort A.

As a child, my mum would play this music in her cassette player. We would sing along and dance joyfully but we never knew what it meant. Now that I’m older, I see the great power behind it. Now I understand that In His name, everything is settled in my life!

05 February 2016

Thank you for sharing this, Jimmy.  It reminds me to pray for more than just our president, but for those staffers, lobbyists, strategists, and advisors as well.  We need believers to stand for God in our country.



29 November 2012
Joe Dallas

We need that encouragement today more than ever. Thanks for the shot in the arm.

14 November 2012
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