We emailed this letter to the President and the Secretary of State several days before the June 30, 2015 deadline on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.



Dear Sir,

We write you simply as concerned citizens of America.

As you seek a treaty with the government of Iran, surely you are aware of the Muslims’ doctrine called Taqiyya, which permits them to deceive their enemies when doing so will be advantageous to Islam’s cause?

Here are some quotes from their founder himself, the prophet Mohammed:

Bukhari 3,49,857 Mohammed said, “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie.”

Bukhari 4,52,267 Mohammed cried out, “Jihad is deceit.”

Bukhari 5,59,369 Bin Maslama volunteered to kill an enemy for Mohammed, then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.” Mohammed replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”

Bukhari 8,78,618 Abu Bakr, the prophet Mohammed’s closest friend and adviser and first convert to Islam said, “If I make a pledge and later discover a more worthy pledge, then I will take the better action and make amends for my earlier promise.”

If deception to an enemy is advantageous to Islam, it is not a sin.

If you are aware of this, sir, how can you make an unverifiable, unenforceable agreement with any nation whose guiding religion provides that they may lie to “unbelievers?” If their first allegiance is to Allah, why should they remain true to an agreement with any other power?

We agree with you that diplomacy is better than war, but please, for the sake of all of us, don’t be deceived by those to whom dissimulation is a tenet of their religion.

This is the ultimate Catch 22: If you should require them to agree to forego Taqiyya in their dealings with you—well, you get the picture.

Just know that whatever agreement you reach with them is not worth the proverbial paper it’s printed on.

On the other hand, Sir, as you try to placate the followers of Islam, both here and abroad, what are Christians to think when your administration insists we comply with practices forbidden by our Scriptures, while labeling our freedom of religious expression as “hate speech” and pronouncing those freedoms as unlawful?

What are we to think of your leaving our faithful ally, Israel, exposed to the malevolence   of their sworn enemy? Just because Iran has tempered its bellicose ranting doesn’t mean its goals have changed—first, destroy the Little Satan, Israel, then the Great Satan, America.

We call on our friends to join with us in praying for you in your crushing responsibilities.


Jimmy and Carol Owens

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Jean webster

I agree with every word. Was America ever a God fearing nation? How can we remove the Name of Jesus from everywhere and go against His laws and His people Israel and give Iran the go ahead to destroy this nation and theirs?!

01 August 2015
Mark D. Pendergrass

Wish I, and thousands more, had signed it with you.

22 July 2015
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