(We don’t suggest that you pray for all these needs every time, but see which ones the Holy Spirit might lead you to emphasize.)

1. Sins of the Nation: Confess national sins. Ask God for mercy and forgiveness. 
2. Government officials from national to local levels: Pray for blessing and guidance for the godly; salvation—or removal and replacement—for the corrupt. 
3. Your city: Pray for its leaders and all aspects of its life. If Christians around the nation simply intercede for their own cities, we will saturate the entire country with prayer.
4. The Courts: Pray for justice for everyone. Ask for judges who will make decisions in line with God’s will.
5. Anti-God organizations. Pray against the work of those that seek to destroy our nation’s foundations, inhibit Christian expression, and promote forbidden practices.
6. The military: Pray for wise leadership, strong Christian influence throughout the ranks, blessing and protection in battle.
7. Law enforcement agencies:  Pray for salvation, wisdom, compassion, and protection for law officers.
8. Abortion:  Repent for our legalized “shedding of innocent blood,” which is one of the seven things the Scripture says specifically that God hates (Proverbs 6:16-17). Ask for legislators who will fight to protect the unborn. Pray for compassionate, Christ-like hearts: wisdom, strategy, and blessing from God for those who take public action in this arena.
9. Immorality:  Oppose the legalization of immorality. Ask God to pull down legislators who support sin and to raise up those who will support godly principles.
10. Violence:  Resist the violent spirits that stir up terrorists, anarchists and street criminals in our city and nation. Pray that God will continually protect us from the weapons of our enemies.
11. The media:  Ask for people of integrity and truth in reporting. Pray for the removal of pornography in all phases of media. Pray for the salvation and transformation of the people who pour this stuff into our society.
12. Arts and entertainment:  Pray against immoral, blasphemous and occult influences that permeate these powerful forces in our society. Pray for those righteous producers and entertainers who are trying to clean up their field, that God will use them mightily.
13. The economy:  Pray for business leaders, national and international banking concerns, and for trade unions. Ask for righteous and wise leaders; bring them under the influence of the Kingdom of God in prayer.
14. Schools:  Pray for Christian teachers and officials in our school systems and ask God to raise up more of them. Speak in prayer and in public against moral corruption and occult influences in our schools; pray for higher academic achievement by our students.
15. Families:  Intercede for your own, your neighbors’, and those in your church. Pray for healed relationships; academic, spiritual, and moral motivation for children; salvation of the lost.
16. Your church:  Pray for your fellow Christians and their needs. Pray for your pastor—he needs your prayer support!
17. Christians in other nations:  Pray for strength and deliverance for those under governments that deny them their religious, civil and human rights. Pray especially for those persecuted for their faith.
18. Areas of special need in other nations:  Pray about world economy and food shortages, wars and human rights violations, using newscasts and newspapers as guidelines. Pray for international outreaches that are combating disease, hunger, poverty and ignorance—and thus spreading the compassion and saving power of Jesus throughout the world.
19. The Middle East:  God has specific end-time prophetic plans concerning his chosen people Israel. Pray for wisdom for our national leaders, that we as a nation will not find ourselves on the wrong side of God’s plans.
20. The poor and hungry:  Pray as you would for yourself (fasting will help you identify with their hunger); give mercy ministries and inner city missions at least the money you would have spent on food on the days you fast.
21. Revival: Pray for a great restoration of vision and dedication to God within the Church. (We see God at work in these areas already. We need more!)
22. Principalities and powers:  Resist ungodly ruling spirits in your city and nation through intercession and spiritual warfare.
23. Intercessors:  Ask God to raise up an army of intercessors nationwide.
24. Souls.  Pray for national and world evangelization: for laborers for the harvest, a great ingathering of the lost, and the completion of the great Commission.
25. Ears to hear:  Ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you, and let Him use you as his vessel for intercession:

We don’t even know what we should pray for, or how we should pray. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us in harmony with God’s own will.
Romans 8:26-27 (New Living Translation)

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Bisi - London
I have known Jimmy and Carol Owens intercessory prayers and music since I was a teenager, I was excited when I saw the website unfortunately, I made payment to purchase the album ‘If my people’, but there was no link to download the album. I also sent emails and there was no response. Is the website a fake site?

I have taken part in presentation of ‘Come Together’ and ‘If my People’, intercession for Nigeria in the 70’s.

02 January 2019
Joe Dallas

I can’t remember or even imagine a time in my life when this kind of intercession has been more needed. I hope not only that more people will respond to the call to intercede, but the more people will also see the urgent need for intercession. Great post and very helpful guidelines.

08 September 2016
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