Over and over in the Proverbs Solomon urges us: “Get wisdom.”

And James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who will give it liberally.”

Most of my mistakes happen when I forget to consult Him, especially in the “little” things that spoil my day and my testimony and shatter my peace.

Then when I do ask for His counsel, why am I so hard of hearing? Because I have this problem, I’m learning to pray:

“Lord, give me ears to hear Your voice and eyes to see the arrows You put up to point the way. And give me the wisdom to obey. Help me forsake everything that clogs up the communication between You and me. Whatever it is, by Your grace I will abandon it all. Nothing is more important than hearing You.”

Well, perhaps obeying what I hear is even more important than hearing in the first place. Once I have instruction from God’s word, once I understand it, I’m accountable for the truth I now know.

That may sound like a good reason to abandon Bible study, but God knows we have access to His word—His will—and not to seek it is to insult and grieve Him.

If we love Him, why wouldn’t we want to know what He thinks, what He’s like, what pleases Him?

Hearing God—listening to His word and His Spirit—is where we receive the ability to obey Him.

The word of God is alive; it is seed; if we implant it deep in our minds and spirits, it will produce the fruit that shapes our characters and the direction that shapes our lives.

Try not to let your Bible reading become perfunctory. Read for depth rather than for speed or breadth.

And try asking God for revelation before you read. It’s wonderful when suddenly the light goes on and you receive something new, or something personal: a new insight into an old truth, or an answer to a puzzling question.

Most of all, it’s wonderful when you see more deeply into the character and personality of Jesus.

Sometimes, of course, we need wisdom for a problem or question, and we don’t see a specific answer in the scripture.

Or maybe, right here and now, in the middle of the day, we need “SOS” wisdom, straight from the throne. Then we ask in faith, knowing that God has told us to ask and has promised to answer.

If we listen with open honesty, completely submitted to whatever He wants, we’ll learn to hear His still, small voice in our spirits.

One caveat: It takes experience—and a committed heart—not to mistake our own longings for the will of God.

For instance, more than one confused person I’ve known has had a “leading” to abandon a faithful spouse for some wonderful new soul-mate. Now, I can think of a number of sources for that kind of wisdom, and none of them is God.

If what you believe you hear in your heart and mind does not agree with the scriptures, reject it. The written Word of God is your one sure source of truth and safety. It will keep you from deception. Learn its wisdom, whatever you do.

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