Surely most believers are aware that our country is in a dangerous spiral into moral decay.

“But,” some may say, “Hey, I’m not the one doing all that stuff. I’m living a good life, minding my own business, going to church, giving to the poor. It’s all those nonbelievers that are bringing judgment on us. It’s not my fault.”


But, to a degree, it is our fault, isn’t it? God put us here with an assignment: to shape the moral and spiritual condition of our society.

“But we’re a minority; we don’t have that much power.”

First, how did we get that way? We used to be a vast majority.

And second, actually we are not the minority we ‘ve been led to believe we are. There are still more than enough of us to change the course of our nation if we pull together. That’s why we, the people of God, need to identify with and repent for the sins of our nation, spread the gospel and do all we can to reverse the situation.

The Bible says, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” (Psalm 9:17 NKJV).

Could our beloved nation disappear into the depths of history, even as the unsinkable Titanic sank into the cold North Atlantic? One strategically placed weapon of mass destruction could at least make us into quite a different nation than we have known. And even now a host of fanatics and the demons that drive them are trying hard to make that happen. We need to turn again to the Rock of our salvation.
Having raised that specter, we must say this: We believe with all our hearts that God does not intend to see our nation destroyed. America, despite her faults, still is home to multitudes of righteous people, and she is still the greatest missionary giving and sending nation on earth.

God agreed with Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom if a few righteous people were found there. But there were none, except for Lot and his family. Even then, the Angel of the Lord told Lot to hurry and get his people out, because he could not destroy the city until they were away. We don’t hear God calling the righteous to get out of America but to let their light shine into the growing darkness.

No, we are not predicting imminent destruction, but we are asking whether our nation is setting itself up for punishment? Do we really think God is not watching? What calamities must he allow to bring us again to that foundational place of dependency on him?

Now, the Good News

Can intercessors make a difference in this mess? They not only can, but they do. Exciting things, small and great, are happening. That’s the good news. Already there seems to be a turn back toward righteousness in America. There’s a polarization of good and evil: as the darkness grows darker, many are turning to the light.

There are encouraging signs, such as new spiritual life in many churches, the remarkable increase in the small group Bible study movement, the boldness in witnessing of many young believers, the emphasis on marketplace evangelism, the rise of before-work prayer groups in the workplace and the growth in numbers of people who appear to be born again. Prayer events are proliferating.

The moral polarization that has been revealed by the current political campaigns has awakened many sleeping saints and called them to battle.

If this great army can be marshaled to speak, pray, and work together, the potential for nation-changing renewal is high. Everywhere intercession leaders are sounding the call and believers are rallying to the battle for rebuilding, revival and awakening. They’re spearheading a spiritual force—the praying Church—that moves God on behalf of nations.

These leaders are turning people to God’s “ifs”—his crucial requirements for answered prayer. These ifs have to do with personal purity, attitudes and actions—and especially with relationships—to God and to other people. Elementary as these conditions sound, this is where powerful prayer ministry begins.

“If you are born again, walking in all the light you have, not tolerating any known sin, you are as eligible for answers to your prayers as the most mature saint. The only requirement is that you pray. ‘You do not have because you do not ask’” (James 4:2c NKJV.) ( Paul Billheimer, Destined to Overcome.)

We urge you to join in with the many calls to prayer—nationwide, citywide, churchwide, and in your own personal and family prayer times. Plead with God for the healing of our land.

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carol owens

Thanks for the encouraging responses, guys!

14 May 2016

Jimmy and Carol, thanks for challenging us to step up and speak up for the truths that God has given.  If we continue to stand by and watch things slide down into chaos and moral decay, I’m sure we must answer to God for failing to stand in the gap.  I’m praying with you for faithful, bold, praying believers to find their place in the battle lines!



12 May 2016
Joseph Dallas

We may well experience more intercessory prayer power than we’ve ever known, because we may now be more desperate, and thereby more fervent, than we’ve ever been.

12 May 2016

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