Through the prophet Ezekiel, God poured out his grievances against a sinful nation. What nation was it? Babylon, or Assyria, or some other blatantly godless people?

No! He was pronouncing His anger against Israel, his own Chosen People.

“I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one. So now I will pour out my fury on them, consuming them in the fire of my anger. I will heap on them the full penalty for all their sins,’ says the Sovereign Lord” (Ezekiel 22:30-31 NLT). The NIV translates that last line this way: “I will consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done,’ declares the Sovereign Lord.”

Righteousness is a wall that guards the land.
In God’s own words, through the prophet, that’s what he calls it.

When that wall is broken down, the inhabitants are left at the mercy of their enemies and the judgment of God. God is saying that unless intercessors intervene, society will simply reap the fruit of its own sin.

Is our society immune to God’s displeasure? If ancient Israel, of all nations, wasn’t immune, why should we be?

We aren’t predicting the immediate demise of the United States of America. Some have pointed out that there has never been a nation so much used by God to bring the gospel to the world. And that’s true. But we can’t rest on our laurels. When God’s prophets thundered against Israel, there had never been another nation so close to God as they had been in their past either. But that was the past.

We need desperately to see evil restrained in our government, immorality in our society, crime in our streets, and the encroachment of false religions and the occult in our communities. 

But it has to start with the Church. What other force on earth has the standing, the authority, the “ear of God,” to bring about something so earthshaking?

God is still watching for intercessors—believers who will “stand in the gap,” hold off his judgment and incur his blessings, so that a great renewal can sweep our nation and multitudes can find salvation before the final curtain falls.

If all the Christians who care about the state of their nation will only learn what to do and how to do it, we can change things radically. We hold the key to our nation’s survival.

This isn’t merely about preserving a political agenda or an economic system. The soul of our nation needs to be saved. Only changed hearts can really change our society. For people to be godly, they must first know God. For people to know God, they must first hear the gospel.

The goal of intercession for the nation is not to appease an outraged God so that people may safely continue in sin. Rather it’s to bring about and maintain conditions in our society that aid the spread of the gospel until God’s redemptive work is done.

Turn to the Lord, America
Turn to the Lord again
Don’t make the Lord your enemy
Still he wants to be your friend

Jimmy and Carol Owens
Turn to the Lord, from Heal Our Land,
©1995 Fairhill Music

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carol owens

Good words, Mark!!! Thanks for the response. XX

19 August 2016
Mark D. Pendergrass

Great words. There are metaphoric walls of protection, as there are real walls. God was as concerned about a wall of righteousness being built, as much or more than He was about an actual wall of protection being established around His promised land.

This is a two edged sword for America. We are, indeed, living in a prophetic hour.

Just as we do not have to rely on the judgement of unwise men to discern the importance to national security of a wall on our borders, we need not fret about the ungodly and their resistance to righteousness.

It falls to those who believe and reverence God (no matter how small that number-by many or by few) to stand in the gap, guard the nation and the people from destruction.

Fear not that which kills the body…

Thanks again for sharing these vital truths.

19 August 2016
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