A children’s classic

Co-written with Cherry Boone O’Neill, ANTS’HILLVANIA is the Original Anthill Musical. Featuring Wendell Burton as Antony and Pat Boone as the Command-ant, it is both a Grammy and Dove Award Finalist. Barry McGuire, Dan and Jamie (Owens) Collins and Candle round out the cast. The music is terrific fun and the message carries a fabulous emotional and spiritual punch.
Here is the story of Antony, the prodigal ant who takes his inherit-ants and leaves the village of Ants’hillvania to find fame and fortune! Naïve and a tad conceited, he wants to become a rich and famous Independ-ant! He meets some wonderful characters along the way, but some are not what they seem. After some close shaves, hard knocks and painful lessons, he returns home to his father as a Repent-ant.